January 29, 2018 admin

Phoventus team is proud to announce that the Q1 2018 Statement of Qualification is READY to be published

Phoventus is a global advisory and professional engineering and management consultant to the grid and storage power market, offering value-added strategic management, engineering, and environmental consulting and advisory services to power developers and utilities. We provide services through all stages of a project’s lifecycle, starting with early stage, technical and financial feasibility assessments through to grid asset risk management and safeguarding the interests of power producers/operators and long-term ownership stakeholders. Phoventus is an incorporated Canadian company with a head office near Toronto.
The Phoventus management team has advised on more than 500 energy projects globally, including, our Hybrid Power division. These are specifically targeted to corporations and industrial electricity users, like mines and Island power grids seeking to modernize their grid infrastructure and carbon footprint. We provide a range of dedicated services including:

• Techno-economic energy storage options
• Procurement support of electrical infrastructure including owners engineering and installation inspection
• Integration of renewables with energy storage and generators for micro-grid or remote sites
• Specialized electrical engineering services

The staff at Phoventus are recognized and experienced consultants to banks, financial institutions and developers, preparing and evaluating the “bankability” of renewable energy projects for diverse clients in diverse locations in North America and Asia.

Phoventus is a recognized global authority on the bankability of solar modules. Phoventus was nominated by Bloomberg New Energy as one of 16 firms voting for the bankability of Solar Modules in the 2017 Bloomberg Tier One survey. This survey is widely considered the gold standard in module bankability.

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