August 27, 2020 Mithun Mallick

Phoventus supports : BNEF PV Module & Inverter 2020 Survey

Phoventus is proud of its ongoing multiyear support of the BloombergNEF Tier one bankability report.

Our participation this year includes six quotes from our team. The report commonly referred to as the Bloomberg Tier one module survey, is a benchmark for the PV industry.

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance ( BNEF ) “Tier One” survey remains one of the most influential industry ratings available for the Bankability of PV Modules and Manufacturers. The team at Bloomberg relies upon input from select external experts to round out their view of the market and establish its rankings. The team at Phoventus is proud to support this effort. Our participation includes editorial content and bankability voting. This year BNEF has significantly expanded the scope of the report to include inverter manufacturers and battery integration.

Every year, we look forward to collaborating with the team at BloombergNEF. It is great to see the expanded coverage of technologies and manufacturers and the progress of the industry over the last decade.

“Technical due diligence companies like Phoventus do a great job working to ensure PV products work in the field as they are supposed to. We appreciate Phoventus’ participation in our annual survey.”

Cecilia L’Ecluse, Bloomberg ( BNEF)