April 9, 2021 Rob Lydan

EPCM and Construction Management

Contract change and dispute resolution

Dispute resolution requires over lapping skills.


Clients engage EPC contractors or other service providers to deliver services within a specific time frame, scope of work, location and cost. We provide services during the entire project life cycle

  1. EPC Contract formation. The technical development, formatting alignment with project requirement.
  2. Contract management and enforcement and monitoring during construction.
  3. Post construction close out evaluation including lien management and subcontractor dispute resolution.
  4. End of warranty evaluation and warranty claim support.
  5. Arbitration and dispute resolution support.
  6. Owner dispute resolution support.


Phoventus provides advice to clients needing assistance in resolving disputes surrounding renewable power projects. Our specific area of practice includes complex engineering, problem diagnosis, forensic review and independent engineering opinions.

Our target clients are; Law Firms, Developers, Government Agencies, Procurement Departments of large asset owners (IPPs ) .

We are different because; we can demonstrate experience and references and very specific industry knowledge. Our experience is a differentiator, also the relationships we have with various law firms.

Our areas of practice are ; electrical engineering, management consulting, Solar power , Wind Power , Renewable Power.

The management, supervision, and closeout of EPC construction contracts are fundamental to the success of our clients. We are uniquely qualified to assist our client in closing gaps between themselves and their construction partners.

Change Management

  • Engineering change review and alignment with contract expectations and market value
  • Cost-benefit analysis and risk allocation
  • Contractor supervision
  • Project Controls

Forensic Engineering

  • Expert and technical review of change disputes
  • Forensic engineering studies and reporting
  • Counsel technical support
  • Lien, waiver and closeout documentation management

Procurement Support

  • Contract formation
  • Technical appendix, statements of work and terms of reference
  • Bid specs and RFP composition, distribution and management
  • Bid ratings and bid management
  • Design basis and unit measure takeoff calculations



Solar & Wind Power

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