Phoventus is a consulting firm specializing in solar and wind energy, focusing on meeting the needs of clients while delivering value added results. We provide strategic management consulting, engineering, and environmental advisory services to cover all aspects of your renewable energy system. Our services are comprehensive consisting of full lifecycle project management, which means we can offer you everything you need from project beginning to end.

Here at Phoventus, we are a driven, passionate team with a mission to provide excellence in advisory capacities to power producers, distributors and financiers.  In addition, our mission is to provide an unparalleled focus on the core issues affecting the future development, ownership, and profitability of distributed power and energy projects, and facilitate the expansion of renewable energy resources and ensure we poise ourselves to be at the forefront of these technologies and energy approaches.  Our value is our understanding of the energy market, energy projects and our client’s needs.


Robert Lydan
CEO, Managing Director