Energy Storage Response Group (ESRG)

ESRG brings nearly 150 years of combined experience in firefighting, training, fire and failure investigation, risk assessment, hazardous materials, and energy storage safety and testing. ESRG is uniquely qualified to help you prepare for, prevent, and manage the unthinkable incidents we all hope to avoid.

Offering expertise in testing, code compliance, permitting, site safety, training, emergency response, failure investigation, and post-incident disposal, ESRG stands alone in offering cradle to grave safety solutions for this burgeoning industry.

ESRG is well-versed in UL standards, NFPA code, and IFC requirements including risk and hazard assessment, training, disposal planning, subject matter expertise, and document management. In addition, ESRG provides training services for local first responders, performs site inspections, and reviews for safety beyond code requirements. Failure and fire investigation services are also provided should incidents occur.

Code Compliance Services

Risk and hazard mitigation assessment

Disposal pre-planning

Documentation and certification management

Permitting and deployment

Technician, SME, first responder, and firefighter training

Permitting support along with product safety & design review

Fire protection engineering support with national fpe partner

Once your system is engineered, certified, and ready for deployment, ESRG can help you select your site, receive permitting, and build your system safely and in compliance with code to ensure a smooth and unencumbered path to operation. Having experience with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) across the country, ESRG can help select sites based on the requirements of local code officials and can help you build a functional relationship with the local fire department to ensure their comfort with ermitting, inspecting, and responding to your system.

In addition, ESRG has experience with converting UL9540A results into meaningful reports and analysis for code officials and can work with fire protection engineering partners to ensure those reports become code compliant reality. Once the system is built, ESRG can provide additional support

for disposal and HAZMAT pre-planning, training, and documentation support as required by the fire code in your state or municipality.

Leveraging strong existing relationships with the fire service and energy storage industry — including over 50+ years of combined firefighting experience between the three founders and almost two combined decades of experience with energy storage — ESRG works with their clients to proactively engage local fire departments and ensure clear, honest, and forthright communication between entities.

With trust built immediately into the relationship, ESRG works to ensure maximum efficiency in the permitting process by rapidly educating the fire service with what they need to know and helping the developers avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes, which will delay the process.

Furthermore, ESRG can work with their fire protection engineering partners to convert UL9540A testing reports into a meaningful analysis of the systems which helps to satisfy code officials and results in the quick and efficient design of fire protection, ventilation, and deflagration protection systems.

Once the system is permitted, ESRG continues to work with all stakeholders to ensure code compliance through to operation. This activity includes site reviews of the as-built system looking for issues beyond code, such as firefighter access and operations, OSHA compliance, and other factors.

Along with proper training for subject matter experts (SMEs) and the fire department, ESRG can also help manage required documentation and can provide 24/7 onsite monitoring.

Securing financing, reviewing proposals and selecting EPC services for state-of-the-art technology is tough. ESRG removes the burden of code compliance, mistrust, and safety assurance from the equation by interpreting code requirements, clarifying your responsibilities and protecting your liabilities. Available 24/7 as SMEs, ESRG can help you satisfy code requirements for emergency incident management.

As the built environment comes into the 21st century and becomes filled with complicated technologies, a growing burden is placed on code officials and Authorities Having Jurisdiction to understand increasingly complicated products. ESRG can help make sense of this new, distributed energy reality. With thorough code and fire experience, ESRG can help provide clarity to permitting decisions.

Out of site and out of mind for many new projects, the disposal of lithium ion batteries, especially those damaged or compromised by fire or other abuse condition, should not be deemed trivial. As most end of life plans consist of little more than a budgetary quote to haul undamaged batteries off, little mind is paid to the risks posed to urban or populated environments by unstable systems. ESRG’s extensive testing experience has resulted in one of the most uniquely qualified organizations to manage and direct disposal of unstable batteries.