Environmental & Regulatory Services

Phoventus provides comprehensive environmental and regulatory services for projects under development, construction and/or operating. We do this to ensure the long-term, sustainable, and profitable success of our clients’ renewable energy and hybrid power project portfolios.

In today’s world, energy project developers and operators face ever-evolving regulatory, environmental, and technical constraints. These restrictions are unique to each project. Failure to understand these restrictions, mitigate against them, and optimize project designs and procedures around them, could result in project delays, failures or budget overruns. Even the slightest delay caused by these constraints can completely undermine the financial viability of a project. At Phoventus, we use our extensive environmental mitigation and adaptive management expertise to alleviate these potential impacts and to make sure this does not happen to our clients.

Project Development – Environmental and Permitting Support

For those in the development or planning phase, Phoventus helps ensure projects are designed to factor in environmental and regulatory requirements from the start. Clearly understanding the environmental and regulatory constraints means power project developers can ensure site design optimization – maximizing generation efficiency and output while minimizing environmental impact and cost. By deploying our broad experience with development stage projects, we ensure our clients’ development budgets are spent in the right places to de-risk and advance their projects. Identifying environmental constraints, designing in risk-mitigation strategies, and optimizing designs in this way means project plans can move through the planning/permitting process smoothly, without delay, and with the best possible chance of securing approval to proceed.

Our services cover:

Pre-feasibility assessments, environmental regulatory constraints analysis

Development and construction permitting (including government, public and Indigenous consultation)

Construction environmental management program development, implementation and supervision

Environmental impact assessments (including noise and wildlife)

Stormwater Management/Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control plan development, implementation and supervision

Operations - Environmental Constraints Analysis

Environmental and regulatory constraints continue to affect power projects throughout their lifetime. To ensure revenue generation can be maximized, project owners and operators must therefore balance the challenges of short and long-term operating budget requirements, on the one hand, with environmental and regulatory constraints on the other. At Phoventus, we help our clients do that by conducting thorough environmental and regulatory constraints analyses and then developing and implementing effective mitigation and compliance strategies. As well as ensuring compliance to environmental and regulatory legislation, this process means we can help companies identify opportunities to boost operational efficiency and profitability in the long term. We constantly monitor regulatory changes, industry trends, best practice strategy, and advancement in technology and scientific understanding to ensure we can deliver the best solutions for our owner/
operator clients.

So ask yourself: Is your curtailment regime significantly impacting revenue? If it is then we can help bring that to a halt. Phoventus will help you unlock additional value from your operating renewable assets by exploring the alternatives available to you and developing a mitigation plan. And we will support you through any regulatory consultations and approvals processes.

Our services cover:

  • Environmental and Regulatory compliance obligation review and analysis
  • Environmental program development and implementation including training program development and delivery
  • Third party compliance program evaluation
  • Long-term mitigation strategy development and implementation
  • Commercial technology evaluation, contract negotiations and program implementation