Seaboard Portfolio

AMP MA Dudley, LLC
(DE) 81-4525337 (CSC)

Alias: Dudley

Location: Dudley Rd, Oxford County Massachusetts

Type: PV Fixed Tilt. 3 MWac (Split PCC)

EPC: AMP Solar Group

Constructor: CanAm Contracting

Owner: AMP / Caledon JV

Topology: String Inverter

Status: Mechanically complete less remediation of water instruction areas and associated foundations

Composed of three independent PCC (Dudley 1,2,3) joined at a common POI. This project is built upon the side and top of a previously forest clad hill with a sharp westward slope on approx. 30% of the project area. Notable issue(s) include an ongoing storm water management associated erosion. The project PPA (s) are a mix of public, private and community solar offtakers and realignment of the DC capacity with the offtake agreements is an ongoing matter.

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