GLOBAL. RENEWABLE. THINKING. Owners Engineering Services for Solar Power and Energy Storage projects. Electrical and HV Engineering Specialists. READ MORE PROVEN POWER EXPERTS. Phoventus has demonstrated extensive experience in complex engineering, regulatory and electrical engineering and problem solving. Phoventus management team has delivered over 500 renewable energy projects worldwide. READ MORE ELECTRICAL ENERGY STORAGE. Applications like peak shaving, frequency control and load balancing, and renewable integration through ramp rate control and energy time-shift are just some examples. READ MORE MINING MICROGRID SOLUTIONS. Before designing a system, it is essential to understand the process of bringing about a micro-grid from initial concept to real-world operations. Most important is understanding how to design it. READ MORE SOLAR POWER. We bring together an in-depth understanding of the current state of PV Module , Inverter and interconnection engineering that directly translates to longstanding stability, profitability and sustainability of your re-powered project. READ MORE INTERCONNECTION Phoventus brings an understanding of electrical power systems to your project. Decades of interconnection and substation design experience enhance our appreciation of renewable power project requirements and timelines. READ MORE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Phoventus News. READ MORE