We serve our customers with insightful knowledge of technical, financial and regulatory affairs that impact the long-term viability of reenergizing solar projects, drawing on the vast experience of our team on renewable energy technology to navigate through the details and dependably support the project at all stages of development.

Some plants may underperform as early as five years of commissioning due to significant energy degradation caused by manufacturing defects or substandard engineering design of the system.

These problems can often be attributed to either manufacturing defects or substandard engineering design of the system. This includes poor sizing of PV modules and inverters, improper choice of bypass and blocking diodes, inefficient control mechanism or faulty protection coordination.

Often taking corrective action can restore the profitability of a plant at minimal cost, thanks to innovation making this technology cheaper and increasingly efficient. The cost of incorporating storage or upgrading inverters can be offset by their use in providing value-add grid services such as frequency regulation and arbitrage. Storage systems also prevent losses due to inverter clipping when production exceeds grid requirements, which can accumulate substantially over the plant’s lifetime.

The critical exercise is to have an intimate knowledge of the technology and the market to appropriately weigh all apparent and non-apparent benefits of repowering a plant against its levelized cost.

Forensic Investigation
  • Single Line Drawing and Bill of Material reconstruction
  • Surrogate component recommendations appraisal
  • Warranty review and remedy recommendation
  • Electrical Protection and control
  • Electrical Fault investigation and remedy
  • Component Obsolescence appraisal
  • Arc flash and Hazard study updates
  • Interconnection and fault compliance
  • Storage addendum engineering
  • Relay and Switchgear coordination
  • Energy production modelling ( Pvsyst etc… )
  • Electrical system modelling
  • Component Obsolescence appraisal
  • Electrical Engineering and Design
Operations Support
  • O&M Capital planning
  • Critical Spares and stocking studies
  • Component Failure forecasting
  • Arc Flash and Hazard Safety
  • Performance & Maintenance reviews
  • Onsite Spares inventory reviews

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