Energy Storage

Battery storage is an exciting new asset class within the renewable power sector. Implementing batteries within both existing PV and new standalone sites provides enhanced security to the grid by providing grid services and arbitrage time shifting. We see almost unlimited potential for implementing this technology across the grid in North America and its capacity to improve interconnection, reduce transmission costs, and provide overall benefits to the grid.

Phoventus has completed owners Engineering Services, supervisory Services, and construction monitoring for over 5 gigawatts hours of projects in North America. We look forward to sharing our experience and know-how with you and understanding the importance of this asset class within your portfolio.

Phoventus is today a major provider of owners’ engineering, engineering, and design services to the energy storage market. Our firm’s high voltage and electrical system design capabilities and excellent civil design engineering experience allow us to assist clients in various locations in all 50 States and Canada.

Bess procurement Support
  • Vendor and technology evaluation
  • Integrator bid review and scorecard
  • Lithium-Ion, battery performance specifications
  • Controller selection
  • Warranty and remedy review
  • System safety and ARC flash conformance
System Design and modelling
  • Grid interconnection specifications and engineering
  • Electrical, instrumentation & controls
  • Ramp Rate and C rate calculation
  • Permit and ITC compliance
  • Protections and control
Owners Engineering and Construction Monitoring 
  • EPC Contract review
  • 30%,60% 90% IFC Engineering reviews
  • Change management and tracking
  • Onsite Construction monitoring
  • Completion Certificates

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