Phoventus provides engineering support in the remediation of a Solarlar Projectfauluare across the US and Canada  SOame projects experience fire incidents due to faults within the inverters and design and construction flat. We support the client and their counterparties to arrive at cost-effective, meaningful improvements.

Phoventus develops solutions, including installing additional protective features in the project, evaluating its adequacy in preventing future incidents, and assessing its compliance with the NEC.

Phoventus identifies scenarios where the proposed solution would fail and recommends remedial actions to alleviate the issue.

Phoventus is today a major provider of owners’ engineering, engineering, and design services to the Solar and energy storage market. Our firm’s high voltage and electrical system design capabilities and excellent civil design engineering experience allow us to assist clients in resolving complex issues, including failure with multiple inputs and causes

Forensic Engineering
  • Expert and technical review of change disputes
  • Forensic engineering studies and reporting
  • Counsel technical support
  • Lien, waiver and closeout documentation management
  • Warranty and remedy review
  • System safety and ARC flash conformance
On-Site Evaluation and Inspection.
  • SLD and BOM reconstruction.
  • Electrical, instrumentation & controls
  • Ramp Rate and C rate calculation
  • Permit and ITC compliance
  • Protections and control
As-Built Evaluation
  • Construction Monitoring.
  • Coordination and evaluation of FAT testing.
  • Root Cause Assessment.
  • FMEA ( Failure Mode Effect and Analysis ).

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