Phoventus offers engineering assistance to address the aftermath of Solar Project failures throughout the United States and Canada. Some projects suffer from fire incidents attributed to defects in the inverters and design or construction shortcomings. Our team works alongside clients and their partners to develop practical solutions that are cost-effective and result in tangible improvements.

Our services range from incorporating additional safety features into the project to evaluating the adequacy of existing measures in preventing future mishaps. We also conduct a thorough compliance check to ensure that the project adheres to the National Electric Code (NEC).

In addition to providing solutions, Phoventus conducts comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential weak points that could cause proposed remedies to fall short. If we identify any such scenarios, we recommend appropriate remedial actions to mitigate the problem.

As a key player in the Solar and energy storage industry, Phoventus offers a range of invaluable services such as owners’ engineering, engineering, and design. Thanks to our expertise in high voltage and electrical system design, coupled with our exceptional civil design engineering experience, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients overcome intricate problems, including those resulting from multiple inputs and causes.

Forensic Engineering
  • Expert and technical review of change disputes
  • Forensic engineering studies and reporting
  • Counsel technical support
  • Lien, waiver and closeout documentation management
  • Warranty and remedy review
  • System safety and ARC flash conformance
On-Site Evaluation and Inspection.
  • SLD and BOM reconstruction.
  • Electrical, instrumentation & controls
  • Ramp Rate and C rate calculation
  • Permit and ITC compliance
  • Protections and control
As-Built Evaluation
  • Construction Monitoring.
  • Coordination and evaluation of FAT testing.
  • Root Cause Assessment.
  • FMEA ( Failure Mode Effect and Analysis ).

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