Civil and Site Design

Sound civil and site design practices are critical to the success of any project, be it PV or battery energy storage. Phoventus has extensive experience managing subsurface and civil-grade risk in renewable power projects worldwide. This extends to hydrology, civil and geotechnical review, engineering and site design, layout, and general arrangement. Our team has provided design engineering and layouts for projects across the United States and Canada. Anywhere from 5 to 500 megawatts or 1 GW hour to 1.4 GigaWatt hours of Storage

Phoventus understands the fundamental importance of civil engineering to any project. Our focus includes subsurface risk analysis and review and their impact on project schedule and cost. In addition, piling and foundation specification review and the full scope of Engineering reviews of Civil Engineering tasks, reports and findings.

Site Design
  • Road and Aggregate
  • Hydrology and Inundation.
  • Piling Designs.
  • Grading and contour.
  • Cost and Schedule.
  • Fencing and facilities.
Due Diligence
  • Foundation Review.
  • Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Structural Design Review.
  • Slope analysis.
  • Solai Stability.
  • Conductivity
Construction Monitoring
  • Concrete Installation.
  • Road Construction.
  • Change management and tracking.
  • Onsite Construction monitoring.
  • Completion Certificates

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