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Energy Storage Procurement Support

Phoventus was contracted by Recurrent Energy to provide energy storage procurement support in assessing the Energy Storage System (ESS) Integrators’ bids. In fact, it was for the 45MW/180MWh Slate Project in Kings County, California. The quality and quantity of documents submitted by the bidders differed significantly. Normally, the level of conformance to the RFP was varied. And, the underlying assumptions in each bid diverged from each other.

Phoventus homologated the proposals by decomposing each bid price into the major cost contributing factors. It also reproduced the normalized project’s cost over its lifetime. In fact, this analysis is available in form of a comparative workbook.

The reviews of the integrator EPC cost, the civil work, and implementation are significant. Also, an important review included the level of detail regarding fault protection strategies provided by the bidders. Phoventus recommended short-listing bidders; and a more thorough analysis of the bids that followed.

We are a driven, passionate team. Our value is our insight into the latest technology. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled technical focus on the core issues. Above all, we have a global reputation for excellence in power systems engineering. We provide engineering and procurement services to cover all aspects of your renewable energy, EV, or Remote Power project. In addition, Canadian Power Engineers is the newest member of the family and a wholly-owned division of Phovetus Inc.