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FAA Glint and Glare Study-Airport Solar

Here is the Preliminary Design for 15MW Alberta Solar Project. It includes Preliminary layout, equipment selection, energy production analysis. And, most importantly, glint and glare study for the 15MWac project in Alberta, Canada. In July of 2019, The client contracted Phoventus Inc to perform a glint and glare assessment for the proposed solar layout.

This assessment uses GlareGauge. That’s a ForgeSolar software specialized in calculating glint and glare impact. Moreover, this software is compatible with FAA glare guidelines. Also, it provides a clear statement on whether the facility passes FAA regulations regarding the impact of glint and glare study. GlareGauge calculates the ocular impact over an entire calendar year in one-minute intervals. This includes all times between when the sun rises above the horizon until the sun sets below the horizon.

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