Remote Power for Mining and Microgrids for Sustainable Island communities.


We have a strong track record of generating outstanding results with Hybrid MicroGrid solutions.

The Phoventus Hybrid MicroGrid team is here to help island nations and customers in remote regions increase energy security, lower fuel and operating costs, boost electricity system reliability, as well as cut carbon emissions. In particular, for project developers and technology suppliers, we help you to secure contracts, minimize risk as well as boost profitability in the key Hybrid MicroGrid markets.

For instance, our services span all stages of your hybrid power project’s lifecycle, starting with early-stage environmental, technical and financial feasibility assessments through to risk management and safeguarding the interests of power producers and long-term ownership stakeholders.

Prefeasibility and Design Engineering

  • Preliminary engineering, design and studies
  • Capital and operational cost budgeting
  • Environmental constraints assessment, environmental impact assessments as well as permitting (including as government, public and Indigenous consultation)
  • Energy yield assessment


Management Consulting, Contract Formation, and Economic Analysis

  • Techno-economic assessments of on-site power generation options
  • Integration studies as well as synthetic PPA evaluation
  • Review of significant agreements and pro format


Owners Engineering as well as Installation Supervision

  • Contract reviews
  • Owner’s engineering services
  • Preparing as well as managing specifications
  • Reviewing bids
  • Reviewing contractor performance