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Phoventus Advisory Committee


Phoventus Appoints Four Executive Board Advisors to Stimulate Innovation Plans, Business Agility and Economic Growth

Redwood City California, Toronto Ontario Phoventus Inc . (“the Company”), a global leader of Renewable power, Energy Storage, Solar Engineering   announced today the creation of its Executive Advisory Board (“the Board”) comprised of globally recognized leaders who bring a depth of experience and leadership to the Company. The new Executive Advisory Board will play a key role in accelerating the Company’s innovation plans and propelling its international growth strategy in a constantly evolving global marketplace.

Our members

Robert Sinclair, former System and Sector Development manager at IESO is an industry leader who focuses on distributed energy resource integration and has worked with technology implementations, utilities, and technology manufacturers to bring new technologies to market. Speaking of Phoventus, he shares:

“I think Phoventus has done a good job identifying an engineering niche where they can become a dominant player.”

Olta Cibuku, Sr. Director of Strategy and Research and Head of ESG at Amp Energy, based in Port Credit, Ontario, has been working in the Energy sector for the last 15 years with the focus on energy services and sustainable development planning in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. “My role on the Advisory Board is focused on identifying the key areas of focus for the services that Phoventus provides as well as to support the development of the business plan.”

“Phoventus is very well positioned and in a very strategic position to support these client-based projects. Phoventus is in an excellent position to be the leader in the market in the future.”

Myles Godfrey, former Global Director or T&D at Hatch is an esteemed member of our Advisory Board. With thirty-five years of experience in the energy sector, focusing on transmission and distribution of electrical power, Myles has been providing project delivery solutions and engineering and management consulting services. He shares: “Phoventus is principally involved in the engineering of wind and solar projects, preliminary designs and studies related to developing the feasibility of those projects and assisting with executing those projects. They have a particular niche in assisting clients with storage installations.”

“Phoventus has thrived. They understand the wind and solar business, the design issues, the performance concerns, and the implementation of solar projects. They are in the right business.”

James Forcier, a former Marketing strategist for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and past CEO of strategic branding and design firm, has broad experience in the energy utility industry. He shared his thoughts about the industry and former Pacific Gas and Electric Company and his collaboration with Phoventus.

“The whole Advisory Board concept is wise. Doing more of what they do best is going to be the most beneficial for Phoventus and its clients.”###About


Phoventus is a Renewable Power Specialist and accredited Engineering firm with a global reputation for excellence in power systems engineering. We are professional, independent, and focused on delivering value-added results to your renewable power or transportation project.


We provide engineering and procurement services to cover all aspects of your renewable energy, EV or Remote Power project. Our services are comprehensive, consisting of system engineering, design studies and project management. Our Mission is to provide an unparalleled technical focus on the core issues affecting the ownership, reliability and profitability of power and energy projects. We are a driven, passionate team. Our value is our insight into the latest technology and approaches needed to deliver our client’s projects on time and within budget.

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