SOLAR & WIND POWER. We provide comprehensive technical and environmental due diligence services for projects under development in construction and operating.

Project Development and Planning

Project developers face ever-changing regulatory, environmental, and technical constraints unique to each project. The slightest delay thanks to any of these limitations can ultimately undermine the financial viability of a project. We make sure this does not happen to our clients. At Phoventus, we ensure projects are designed to factor in these constraints, with risk-mitigation strategies designed-in from the start so that project plans can move through the planning/permitting process smoothly, without delay, and with the best possible chance of approval to proceed.

We employ our broad experience in development stage projects to ensure our clients’ development budgets are being spent in the right places to de-risk and advance their projects.

Our services include:

  • Environmental constraints assessment, environmental impact assessments and permitting (including government, public and Indigenous consultation)
  • Energy yield assessment
  • Preliminary engineering, design, and studies
  • Capital and operational cost budgeting
  • Support on interconnection application and geotechnical investigation

Renewable Power Due Diligence and Transaction Advisory

We provide comprehensive technical and environmental due diligence services for projects under development in construction and operating. From essential fatal flaw reviews to providing technical assistance to lenders for project finance, our goal is to provide insightful advice to help our clients identify, assess and mitigate project risk. In doing so, we help them determine the financial implications of their projects or asset acquisitions to ensure they have the necessary and correct information to make appropriate decisions.

Our services include:

Resource assessment and uncertainty analysis

Review of equipment, vendors, contractors and designs

Environmental constraint identification, permitting status and compliance analysis

Review of significant agreements and pro forma

Review of project schedule, execution planning, and construction

Independent Engineer reporting and certification

Project Execution

We support clients through every stage of the project construction process. This includes setting expectations and managing, monitoring and adding value through upfront planning and engineering support.

Other services include:

  • Contract reviews
  • Owner’s engineering services
  • Preparing and distributing specifications
  • Reviewing bids
  • Reviewing contractor performance

Phoventus also provides project commissioning support and energy production verification to close out the project.

Client Capacity Building & Asset Management Support

We provide asset management advisory services that encompass day-to-day operations and maintenance, portfolio management, and investment and divestment planning.

Other services include:

  • Training and mentoring
  • Performance evaluations and optimization
  • Budgeting for maintenance and capital spending
  • Support contracting with O&M providers, managing and reviewing their performance
  • Environmental compliance monitoring
  • Engineering investigations, changes, and studies such as arc flash and power quality

Corporate Off-take and Behind the Meter Services

For corporations and industrial electricity users seeking to lower their electricity costs and carbon footprint, we provide a range of services including:

Other services include:

  • Techno-economic assessments of on-site power generation options
  • Procurement of electricity through power purchase agreements(on-site or virtual)
  • Integration of renewables with energy storage and generators for micro-grid or remote sites




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