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Solar IE / Independent Engineering

Solar IE / Independent Engineering by Phoventus Inc.

Phoventus provided annual energy production estimates for various technological scenarios using PVsyst 6.60. Estimates were done over a 35 year period to show the effect of module degradation on production.

Moreover, the project included different configurations to verify results. Models showed the effects of degradation. Also, it highlighted over/underbuilds on subarrays and subsequent overload losses.

Our engineering specialties are comprehensive consisting of full lifecycle project management. Indeed, we can offer you everything you need from project beginning to end. Above all, we are professional, independent in delivering results to your renewable power or transportation project. Renewable Power Specialist for Solar IE projects.

Solar IE

About Phoventus

Phoventus is an Engineering firm with a global reputation for excellence in power systems engineering. Above all, we are professional, independent, and focused on delivering value-added results to your renewable power or transportation project.

We provide engineering and procurement services to cover all aspects of your renewable energy, EV, or Remote Power project. In fact, our services are comprehensive, consisting of system engineering, design studies, and project management. Indeed, we do coordinate and provide engineering design and construction management for your chosen contractor.

Our Mission is to provide an unparalleled technical focus on the core issues affecting the ownership, reliability, and profitability of power as well as energy projects.