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Wind Post Construction

Phoventus is providing off and on-site environmental operational support services for this 75MW wind project. In particular, it is located on Amherst Island in Loyalist Township, Ontario. The Phoventus team provided guidance and support in preparing operations staff for the environmental commitments. In fact, they were required by the project’s renewable energy approval and commitments made by the developer.

Support services included the development of an extensive environmental and operations commitment list and schedule. In addition, they included an environmental procedure, a wildlife incident reporting system, and training procedures.

We provide engineering and procurement services to cover all aspects of your renewable energy, EV, or Remote Power project. In fact, Phoventus is a passionate team of professionals. Our mission is to provide technical focus on the core issues. Hence, our value is our insight into the latest technology. Renewable Power Specialist.

Also, Canadian Power Engineers is the newest member of the family and a wholly-owned division of Phoventus Inc.