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REMS Africa 10

REMS Africa 10

This presentation offers insight on current energy challenges for African mining operations and the opportunities for developing energy partnerships that directly address the power constraints and pricing concerns miners are facing across the region.

Rob Lydan, CEO and Managing Director at Phoventus Inc.

About Phoventus

Phoventus is an Engineering firm with a global reputation for excellence in power systems engineering. Above all, we are professional, independent, and focused on delivering value-added results to your renewable power or transportation project.

Also, we provide engineering and procurement services to cover all aspects of your renewable energy, EV or Remote Power project. In fact, our services are comprehensive, consisting of system engineering, design studies and project management.

Our Mission is to provide an unparalleled technical focus on the core issues affecting the ownership, reliability and profitability of power and energy projects.

We are a driven, passionate team. Hence, our value is our insight into the latest technology and approaches needed to deliver our client’s projects on time and within budget. Renewable Power Specialist.

Our firm was founded as Lydan Partners Inc. in 2009 and merged with Phoventus in 2016 to become Phoventus Inc. Also, Canadian Power Engineers is the newest member of the family and a wholly-owned division of Phoventus Inc.

Video:  REMS Africa 10 – Current Energy Challenges for Mining Operations and Potential Solutions.